So, you say you want a partner?


Do you have blocks, fear or confusion about intimacy? Do you have commitment issues? Baggage from the past? Most people are fine with short-term partnering, yet the long-term touches into fearful territory or feelings of disappointment.


Most people don’t know this secret: intimacy begins with ourselves. It depends on a foundation of self-love, communication and negotiating boundaries. Successfully building physical, emotional, and spiritual intimacy with ourselves requires willingness, and a few easy-to-learn tools.


Dr. Lila is a naturopathic doctor, specializing in emotional health. She teaches how to create harmony between the mind and heart in a 90-day program of personal transformation. It is a framework for recognizing and working through unhealthy mindsets and behaviors. It is a spiritual program of action to gain freedom, confidence, and have fun growing with a community. Your authentic joy attracts the love you want.


Next session begins March 20th, 2016. Call Dr. Lila for information on how to apply (505)363-9748. Receive a free 15 minute consultation to see if the program is a good fit.