Brothers and Sisters, We are going all the way.

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Brothers and Sisters,
We are going all the way.

Are you coming with us? If so, these are the requirements for the journey. You must do your personal work. Meditate. Do yoga. Cut energetic cords or attachments. Clean your past. Renew yourself. Eat healthy. Exercise. Purify yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. You must be strong. Take care of your liver for the smooth flow of qi. Give up alcohol. Give up marijuana. Give up sugar, emotional eating, fucking, whatever your vice may be. Heal the wounds, the holes you are trying to fill. Don’t settle for any substitute.

When change comes, which it inevitably will, we must be ready. We need to be able to let go resistance and flow. The planet is shifting. She is dying in order to be reborn. It may take hundreds of years. It may be tomorrow. We don’t know, yet we must prepare ourselves and our children. We are all going to transform. As the toy Buzz Lightyear exclaims, “To infinity and beyond!”

If you would like guidance in your preparation, please call us or e-mail to schedule a breakthrough session. We can support you wherever you are on the journey. We also need your support as we raise our sons and build the business. Consider donating on our site so we can continue our work, contribute to our teachers who are preserving the ancient wisdom, and our students who are taking bold action.

We invite you to our next Priestess Temple this Saturday, June 28th from 7-9pm at Dragonfly yoga studio. Details at Dr. Rasa Lila is also going to begin facilitating weekly tantra classes in July. Find out more at

We honor you. We thank you. We look forward to sharing this incredible journey with you!

In light and love,
Rasa and Veronica

PS Next time we will share about our initiation journeys out of the country.

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