Datura trumpets to keep us alert.

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daturaIt is a potent medicine for opening the lungs and helping us to breathe. Our breath teaches us how to relate, how to receive and give in continuous cycles.  It gives us strength as we move through changes. Our breath is a miracle in this moment. Take a deep breath now and enjoy every molecule of oxygen infiltrating your cells, cleansing and revitalizing you.

Breathe into the possibility that all you need is within you in this moment. It is waiting for you to say, yes!

I am ready. I am willing. I am worth it.


“Our cycle is like the cycle of a plant. There is suitable time for planting seeds, to grow and develop branches to drop seeds and time to come back to our roots ”
Annie Shaw

For thousands of years women discovered the magic of the circle, where a group gathered for various ceremonies, rites or celebrations. Many moons have passed and for a time this tradition was forgotten in our society where we have been forced to live in a hurry and without conscience. However, many of us still feel this need and we have decided to meet again, and now not only to bleed together, but to share, to listen, to comfort, to embrace each other.

So we invite you to join us in this new adventure! Come participate in a sacred place where we have meditations, talks, food, LOVE AND POWERFUL RED ENERGY that link us to the feminine ancestry and with all women in the world in all times.

With love,

Veronica and Rasa
(505) 363-9748

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