How do you rock climb? A friend once said, “you just scurry up.” I laughed at the time because I imagined a small rodent running up a rock wall. Normally, I think of a muscular human with slow grace and strength. His response made sense, though. It is about using the momentum you have to continue moving up. When you stop and think for too long, you lose energy. Then, the mind becomes frustrated. Finally, fear comes in and says, “I’m not going to make it. I’m going to fall.”


The journey of personal growth is similar to rock climbing. You look toward the top which is your goal. You begin the ascent, and at first you feel good. You are off the ground and on the move. You think, “I got this. I’m a good climber.” Then, comes the tricky part. You cannot see the next holds. You feel around but only find small holds that are not guaranteed. This is a critical moment. This is where you choose to scurry or to lose energy evaluating. There is no right answer. Either way may get you up or make you fall.


This is my life. My business is my journey of personal growth. Financial security is my goal at the top of the mountain. As I climb, I notice getting stuck. I notice how I stop moving and over-evaluate in my mind. I notice how it gives me anxiety and how I over-eat to calm my nerves. I notice the conversation of fear saying, “I can’t do this.” Writing this blog, my newsletter and emails are my hand and foot holds. I notice their quality is lacking. I can make them stronger if I spend another week on them. But, that puts me behind and I gotta re-schedule everything. I want to curse this climb.


Instead, I bless myself. What a courageous woman I am to be on this journey! Not everyone chooses to challenge themselves the way I do. I may fall or I may succeed. I won’t know unless I try. I will risk my life in the process because the goal is not just for my personal gain. It is for my son. It is for my family and my community who watches me. It is for those people out there who are afraid to step up onto the mountain.


Today, I choose to scurry after plenty of energy loss from evaluating yesterday. The point is I don’t give up. The point is if you are reading this, you know I have mounted my foothold. Know, you can mount yours, too, even if they are not guaranteed. Go for it. Commit to your goal and take the next step.

Blessing to you.