Nora Keefer
Nora is our expert in dating. She describes the joy of dating as the old fashioned way. She is tough, energetic, witty, and SUPER fun! She’s got a lot of talent and wisdom to share, so we hope you enjoy her channel.
Here are more of her talents:

Nora Kostelnik is a performer and teacher. For 25 years she has brought the craft and joy of singing to the people of Seattle, San Francisco, Europe, Mexico, and now New Mexico where she currently resides with her kitty-cat Phoebe, doggie Ginger, and handsome fiancé. Nora’s greatest wisdom presently comes from singing with women in Albuquerque who are on parole. Every day her students model how to best build trust and collaboration. The biggest lesson of all is that no matter where you come from we all are born to share our most authentic and healing sounds. Like animals in the wild, we instinctively know how to join voices and movement with others so that we may thrive, not just survive.


Classes are free, when 5 or more people are gathered, $25/hour for private lessons. For large conferences of 30 or more, payment is accepted in the form of formal, printed testimonials to be used in The Joy of Singing brochures.

Finally, this is how she describes herself:
Genius at: appreciating  her man her family and her friends, applying book knowledge to her everyday life, living below the poverty level while feeling Rich for 25 years, and last but not least a genius at the fine art of eating healthy.
Sucks at: empathy for people who complain without solutions, people who say they don’t understand violence, and people who are not having fun with their addictions.
Nora is extremely proud of her long history of successfully writing songs, her recent history of becoming a housewife, her ability to take naps, and most of all, her ability to refrain from breeding and enjoy other people’s kids!