Our next Priestess Awakening group starts Tuesday, September 23, 2014! If you feel the call, we invite you to schedule a free breakthrough session with us today. In this session you will determine if the program is a good fit for your goals and you will get clear on next steps.


Trust the wisdom of your heart to guide you. Your path is your spiritual way. Remember your sacred lineage and destiny.

We offer two 90-day priestess trainings, a basic level and an advanced. We accept 9 participants to journey together for each program. These are programs of personal transformation for people who are ready to change their lives.


Priestess Awakening

The basic level is focused on one’s own healing journey called Priestess Awakening. It is open to both men and women to connect with the divine feminine. In this program, participants do deep healing work and cultivate self-love. They identify their obstacles and gain tools to overcome them. They are held in sacred space within the group in order to dive deeply within. Participants emerge renewed and empowered to realize their dreams.

The program is divided into three parts, with a specific focus each month. In the first month, we journey into the underworld to face our shadow. Our shadow is also known as the subconscious, the part of our brain that develops early in life and is associated with survival and fear. We tend to think of demons and dragons here, but really it is the inner child who lives here. We can learn a lot from our inner child and it can become a great ally for our success!

The second month is the middle world in which we deal with practical everyday things such as having a schedule, routine, self-care, healthy diet, exercise, and meditation practice. Our choices play an important role in our well-being, physical, mental, and emotional. We work with the chakras in this phase to better understand our personal power and how we lose it. This awareness along with the group support help us make better choices.

Finally, the last month relates to the upper world where we connect with magic, creation, and joy. We hone our intuition and faith. We discover our passions and begin stepping into our destiny. We reap the rewards of our better choices, and celebrate with our group. We set foot in a way of life that supports us on every level to be our most magnificent expression.


Priestess Initiation

In the priestess initiation program, we delve more deeply into our roles as priestesses in community. This means we learn how to conduct ceremony, rites of passage, spiritual healing, and embodied sensuality. We become teachers to raise the consciousness of the world.


The next group is forming to begin their 90-day journey together. We are offering individual breakthrough sessions to see if the program is a good fit. Call or email us to schedule and get clear on your next steps. Share with us on facebook the goals you are stepping into this fall.


With love,

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