I studied medicine at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine where I learned the foundation of medical science. I learned natural therapeutics including lifestyle and nutritional counseling, botanical medicine, homeopathy, Traditional Chinese medicine, physical manipulation, and hydrotherapy. I discovered the liver cleanse as an effective foundation for restoring health. I also began yoga and martial arts training.

My heart yearned for a deeper spiritual connection and emotional healing. There were social problems that medicine couldn’t solve like addiction, lack of self-esteem, and heartbreak. However, AA’s spiritual program of action was having success. I underwent the 12-step program for my own clarity and personal growth. Utilizing the Artist’s Way in my recovery, I began to develop a loving relationship with myself like I had never experienced before.

My fervent passion for life and knowledge led me on many adventures thereafter, exploring the world, cultures, medicines, spirituality, career, relationship, and motherhood. Difficulty and challenge gave me constant opportunity to practice my healing skills, cleanse and refine my character. My sober lifestyle led into Eastern meditation and Native American sweat lodge ceremony. I felt connected to Nature and all life. I felt my worth as a microcosm of the macrocosm, healing others as I healed myself. I also apprenticed in structural integration to release emotional trauma stored in the body. I experienced joy and being home in my body when I practiced Tantra. It helped me be fully present with my clients to facilitate their unfolding.

I support people in their solo task of taking responsibility and taking action toward wholeness. I created structures where people can utilize the tools I’ve learned in their own healing journeys. I offer a 10-day liver cleanse and 90-day personal transformation program. These group experiences magnify the positive results of the individuals. Occasionally, I facilitate classes, workshops and retreats as well. Motivated individuals can see me one-on-one in my small private practice.

The solution to our problems dwells within us. Our inner Guide is all we need. It is my passion and goal to connect humanity to this source of life and love, to teach the laws of nature so we may live in alignment with our purpose, and in harmony together.

Dr. Lila Petitt