redtent“We are creating now, in our local communities, a place where we can meet each other and at the very same time take care of ourselves and one another. It is time to create change at the very fiber of our cultures that will help build good relations. The Red Tent Temple Movement raises up a Red Tent in our local villages, cities and towns for us to honor our blood cycles and womanhood journeys.

The Red Tent Temple offers women a state of beingness rather than our continual doing mode. How about not do anything for a few hours? Or seeing what happens when we don’t have a plan or a direction? Are we keeping ourselves busy so we don’t feel? Where are we hiding in our busyness that may speak to our hearts when we finally take time to slow down? Most importantly, as the world around us begins to shake, we are growing a firm foundation of connections locally of wisewomen who are gathering in our tents sharing support and wisdom on our womanhood journeys.” (More info on Red Tents at:

CLICK HERE to join our newly formed Albuquerque Red Tent group: The Desertic Red Moon Lodge! You may also email us at for further information.