Dr. Rasa Lila is a naturopathic family doctor. She offers health consultations with a focus on addressing the underlying emotional cause of the disease. She believes illness is a lesson from which we can learn about ourselves. Sometimes they are rites of passage in which we transform what we were into what we are becoming. She helps people heal themselves with her skills in nutrition, supplements, botanical medicines, homeopathy, flower essences, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), structural integration, reiki, hydrotherapy, and spirituality. Rasa also co-teaches tantra once a month. See http://www.meetup.com/Abq-Tantra for details.

Veronica Iglesias, MA is a shamanic healer from Mexico. She offers crystaltherapy, jadetherapy, spiritual and energetic cleansings,  and meditations.

Together, they offer two intensive 90-day programs for people to deeply immerse themselves in their healing, personal and spiritual growth, and transformation. These programs are Priestess Awakening and Priestess Initiation.