They are priestesses.

Veronica and Rasa both experienced a need for healing, reclamation of their personal power, and being part of a movement to help uplift the consciousness of humanity.  Together, they realized they could do more.

Rasa Lila, ND is a naturopathic family doctor and tantra educator from New Mexico. Veronica Iglesias, MA is a shaman from old Mexico. She works with crystals and obsidian and is a priestess of Ix’chel. They show people how to trust the wisdom of their hearts to guide them. They invite people to embark on journeys of personal transformation. They celebrate their humanity.  Together, they overcome their obstacles.


We believe…

You hold the key to your health, happiness, prosperity and liberation.  You have the power to change your life, to get in your flow, and be in love with yourself.  When you are in your zone, you are unstoppable. Let your power and pleasure make ripples of change for a better world.

Welcome to your party.  The stresses of life can be overwhelming at times.  The work never ends.  Relationships are complicated.  Illness, loss, addiction, poverty, depression or anxiety are familiar. You’ve felt stuck and tried to cope with your underlying discontent.  Sometimes coping means abusing the self in subtle or overt ways.

Give yourself permission to stop. Shake. Breathe. Loosen up your body. Let go old patterns of holding. You don’t have to hold it all together.  Allow your Creator to be your guide, your best friend, your lover, and your goal.  Together, you overcome all your obstacles. Love begins to pour through you into everything you see, feel, touch, and care for. Take it easy.  Believe in yourself. Hope is your best friend everyday. Change your life forever as you open, release, connect, and dance with your Source. Celebrate yourself for being present in this moment.  You are a living, breathing, thinking, feeling and willing miracle!

None of us is perfect nor free from suffering. We should not wait to celebrate life until we reach some goal. Many of our goals are elusive, based on selfish premise. Let us celebrate now. Live in the moment. Celebrate our difficulties. Celebrate ourselves for our everyday efforts, accomplishments and failures. Celebrate the simple beauty in life. Celebration raises our energy and aligns us with positive attraction. Join us!

With love and gratitude,

Rasa and Veronica

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